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Learn How to Overcome Emotional Barriers with Essential Oils


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Gavin Poulton from Restore Hope Oils™ will identify where emotions may be stored in the body. You will also learn how to implement essential oils to help release those emotions that are keeping you from achieving greater balance and vitality. Watch the video below to learn more about the first volume of our oils understood master class.

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In This Class We Will Discuss the Following ...

  • In part 1 we will discuss pure essential oils and how they have both a physical and emotional impact on the body. Suggested applications for aromatic and topical use as well as our process to help overcome emotional barriers (RPR).

  • In part 2 we will discuss Gavin Poulton's unique story and how essential oils benefited Gavin (founder of Restore Hope Oils™) both physically and emotionally after being diagnosed with a life-threatening liver disease. 

  • In part 3 we will do a deep dive into identifying essential oils that have been shown and / or historically used to support the Liver, Spleen, Heart, Colon, Lungs, and Kidneys. This part goes into detail on how to address the emotions associated with each of these organ. 

  • In part 4 we will do a final review of the essential oils we have previously discussed and their application. We pull everything together in this portion to more clearly see the complete connection between the body and greater well-being.


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    (Unmute When Watching Video Above)

    Embark on a journey with us to explore where emotions may be stored in the body and how we implement essential oils to help let go of emotions that may be keeping you from achieving greater balance and vitality. In this master class, we will delve deep into the transformative potential of essential oils, exploring how they have profoundly impacted us to manage emotion. This class isn't just about theory – it's about real-life experiences and tangible results. Our goal is to also unravel the intricate connection between emotions and organs, empowering you to recognize imbalances and address them with targeted essential oil solutions. By the end, you should walk away with actionable steps to tackle many emotional hurdles you may face to hopefully see another way to find a more balanced, vibrant path. Join the founder of Restore Hope Oils™ Gavin Poulton in this journey to experience essential oils in a new and practical way.

    See The Feedback From Those Who Have Gone Through This Oils Understood Master Class

    “I have used your master class information and essential oils to work through releasing the emotions and anger around personal issues in my life. Your course has really helped me to look at my challenges in a different way - by looking at my organs and asking myself questions as you went through each organ. It has been very insightful! I grew up not knowing emotions could possibly be tied to challenges in the organs and body. It never made sense to me that some of my physical issues, I may experience, could be tied to unprocessed emotions until I took your course. I know I am not all well and good yet, but it was a valuable piece / tool to my life puzzle. ” – Tessa L.


    “This information is personable, easy to understand, and easy to listen to. I learned a lot, and appreciated that Gavin got personal. I thought I knew essential oils. This master class gave me a new perspective on how I can use essential oils more effectively, and more specifically for help with daily issues. Your presentation was well thought out and impressive. ” – Kate M.


    “As an essential oil user I have always been overwhelmed with which oils to use. Then I came upon the founder Gavin Poulton’s Restore Hope Oils Master Class, Oils Understood. To date this is my absolute favorite Master Class! Living his life’s purpose Gavin takes you on a journey in such a way that articulates and educates how essential oils help the body communicate better. I was amazed to learn so many more ways you can use various essential oils in Overcoming Emotional Barriers. I love using Restore Hope Oils because they are 100% pure lab tested top-tier essential oils.” - Amanda G.

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